Vision of Teaching

On the basis of the 5E-concept, Group T aims to educate entrepreneurial, creative, and flexible teachers, always ready to deal with change.


Teachers are able to bring about change.
They bring about and coach learning processes. Their ideal is the development of the person as a whole, referring to UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Education: learning to know, learning to do, and learning to live together to learn how to be.


Teachers are enterprising.
They have vision. Based on this vision, they form an objective and gather others round this mission. They effectively get things done through innovation, daring, and leadership.


Teachers are creative.
They create powerful learning environments, displaying inventiveness while doing so.


Teachers are aware of their responsibility in the classroom, at school, and in society at large.
They are conscious of the impact their actions have on an ever evolving world.


Teachers see the connection between things.
By approaching things from all perspectives, they gain richer experiences and reach deeper insights.

The 5 Es

Educating, Engineering, and Enterprising represent the roles that teachers take on: the development of each one on the basis of a clear mission, supported by strong learning environments. Environmenting sheds light on the general scene on which these roles take shape and the plurality of world visions in which this occurs. Ensembling lifts the teachers from their role so they can consider and approach all things from a higher perspective.

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